Eat Your Lo-Mein Guilt-Free!

lo mein

If you know me, you know that I am all about quick and easy meals that taste delicious! After discovering this amazing Miracle Noodle (ZERO carbs, ZERO calories), I have used this product as a substitute to all my favourite noodle dishes (Lo-Mein, Italian Recipes, Instant Noodle = GUILTY pleasure).  So here is my recipe that I’ve been eating for dinner the last few nights because I’ve just been too damn lazy.



For the Noodles:

1 Bag of Miracle Noodles

1 Pack of Enoki Mushrooms

½ Bag of Spinach Leaves

1 Boiled Egg

For the Sauce:

1 tsp of sesame oil

1 tbsp of oyster sauce/liquid aminos

Directions: (It’s so easy that it’s embarrassing to write this haha because you can tell how lazy this meal is)

  1. Boil your egg – I do it for 6 minutes to get my perfect level of runniness in my yolk – Got my protein in!
  2. Open the bag of miracle noodles (I use angel hair – my favourite texture), rinse, and set aside
  3. Wash your spinach leaves and Enoki mushrooms
  4. Put the noodles, spinach leaves, and Enoki mushrooms in boiling water for 3 min until the mushrooms and leaves have gone soft
  5. Combine everything together in a bowl, pour in the sauce, and “LO” – which means mix in Chinese!)

sesame oilThe secret to this sauce is the sesame oil.  The fragrance and taste from this oil is what makes Lo-Mein so delicious.  However, I wouldn’t put too much just because 1 tbsp can = 100 calories so easy on the oil!!

liquid aminos

So what’s the deal with this Liquid Aminos?

Basically, it’s a gluten-free alternative (derived from soy), to soy sauce, which often contains wheat.  It can be seen as a low-sodium alternative to soy sauces as it contains no table salt or preservatives and the natural salty taste is just from the soy beans.  People on a low-sodium diet can use this to substitute for soy sauce as it does taste very similar so enjoy!


Trying to get my potassium and magnesium in check, I’m eating more dark leafy greens and so I chose spinach.  Spinach is rich in iron and has tremendous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

 enoki mushroom

Enoki mushrooms and pretty much the entire shroom family is loaded with Vitamin D.  So if you guys read my “How to Sleep Better” post, the 4 key ingredients are potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B and D.  SO… in this dish, I got pretty much all of it down!

My dessert will cover my Vitamin B needs as I love my fortified cereals!

So my dearies, have a “Lo”-vely time cooking this “Mein” noodle … haha get it?

~~goodnight xoxo~~