Enhancing Your Sex Life with these Fall Foods


Last week after having dinner with my girls, I realized that the topic of sex seems to always creep up at the dinner table.

We really don’t have filters… I mean .. men have a stigma that all they do is think about sex but I find that women talk about sex way more than the opposite sex and we are much more open to share every little detail.

Its true…women seem to complain more than men about their inability to get satisfied in the sack.  Men often complain that they lack intimacy but women tend to either vent their frustrations about not being in the mood or they simply aren’t being satisfied the way they want to be.


So I thought… could it be our diet?  Surely… what we intake must affect our mood and bodily functions so maybe there’s a cure to all our sexual frustrations by simply adding foods to stimulate our hormones?

Alright… let’s just blame men for their dysfunctional tendencies … HA!

Given that it is Fall season, here are list of suggested foods I found that may just give men that libido boost they need!  If they feel more aroused, maybe they’ll be performing better so women in turn, will enjoy sex more… !??!

So.. guys… your dinner is served.

On the menu tonight, we have:


1. Sweet Potatoes

  • Packed with potassium which helps you to fight high blood pressure – by lowering your blood pressure, you minimize the risk of erectile disfunction
  • Vitamin A – also helps boost fertility for women =)


2. Pomegranate

  • A glass of pomegranate a day takes the erectile dysfunction away! This fruit contains high anti-oxidant content which helps to prevent free radical molecules from disrupting circulation to the male sexual organ.


3. Brussel Sprouts

  • You might have hated these when you were a kid but guys, this vegetable reduces estrogen levels in the body giving your libido the boost it needs!


4. Pumpkin Seeds 

  • Okay maybe women can change up their diet a bit too..
  • Packed with zinc, pumpkin seeds pump up the female sex drive.  They are also rich in omega 3 essential fatty acid which keeps your libido healthy!


5. Apples

  • if you want to keep your mojo working and healthy, apples contain quercertin, a flavanoid, which helps to prevent prostate and prostate cancer cell growth


6. Cranberries

  • Amazing for women suffering from the common urinary tract infection but men can benefit from cranberries as they are full of vitamin B, which is necessary for hormone balance, and vitamin C, which is thought to help with healthy sperm function

And girls, skip out on the fatty foods and alcohol if you really want to improve your sex life – not only does it dampen your sexual desires, but alcohol can lower your inhibitions causing you to make unsafe decisions about sex.


Why are Men Such A**holes?

It’s definitely been a weekend of pain, heartache, and breakups – WHY? Because men are jerks.


Okay maybe I’m being a bit harsh but after listening to my friends pour their hearts out, there appears to be the same common complaints about men being brought up time and time again.

 “He doesn’t care about me or show me any affection”

“He would rather spend time with his friends than with me.”

“He’s terrified of commitment.”

“He doesn’t communicate enough.  He never expresses his feelings and thoughts.”

Having shared these similar thoughts myself, there must be SOME sort of rationale behind why us women all feel the same way about men!


Well… I have to admit.  I have read the novel, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray.  Essentially what Dr. Gray claims from his years of research, is that the common relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental psychological differences between the genders. Each gender has adapted to his/her own planet’s society and customs, which therefore can conflict and cause friction in the relationship.  We are also genetically made different and thus, we process information and react to situations inversely.  So now that we understand that this paradox exists, are men to blame for all our emotional turmoil or perhaps, we should be aware that men simply can’t help being the way they are?

They just can’t help being assholes haha jkjk… but really, this novel is great if you want to better understand the opposite gender.


MindBodyGreen does a great summary on 3 Things Women Need to Know About Men in Relationships:

1.     Men pull away to feel autonomous, while women pull away because we feel negative emotions. 

Dr. Gray explains this idea of “the cave” and how men tend to need that time alone and have their space to come back to his sense of self.  As women, we often panic and believe something is wrong but men often time needs to feel a sense of independence but that does not mean he doesn’t love you.  He just wants to regain his manhood and thus, when he comes back out of the cave, he can reconnect with you once again.

2.     Men feel competent by making women happy, while women feel met by receiving from their men.

This is something I really need to learn.  Men derives great satisfaction by providing for and making us happy.  It’s actually really important for them – even though it doesn’t seem that way sometimes.  As women, we love receiving their gifts but for me, I love giving – I’m just a giver.  The problem is, we won’t allow space for men to do things for us and to make things worse, we will often blame them for not doing anything.  But wait a minute … we aren’t even allowing them the chance to do things because women often over-give.  So next time, take a back seat and enjoy ladies!

3.     Men are more likely to orient to the world with their minds, while women are more likely to orient to the world with their hearts.

Men are problem solvers.  That’s what makes them feel good and so when a problem occurs, they will use logic to reason out the issues.   For women, we are emotional and when we get flustered easily.  Well, we should just embrace our feelings!!  It’s just how we are and it’s normal.  Our counterparts may not understand because men think with their brains – but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or he doesn’t want to help.  I’ve learned that you just have to tell them what you need.  Whether it’s a hug, some company, or an ear to listen while you vent, he’ll probably be very willing to help.

men ass

Moral of the Story?

The next time you make a bold statement that men are assholes haha, remember, they are different from us. We need to embrace our differences and be more understanding so we can live in peace and continue to cultivate our relationship.

Good luck! xoxo