After visiting hundreds of blogs and websites, here are some of my favourites that you must go and explore for yourself


Mind Body Green

This website is my version of the Holy Bible.  I absolutely love their posts and follow them religiously as they give you information on everything from food, exercise, to relationships and how to enhance your love life.



Given how ridiculously overpriced Hong Kong health food stores charge for something even so simple like multivitamins, I now order everything from iHerb and they have almost everything you can find.  They offer great discounts on all kinds of supplements, gluten free foods, healthy snacks, and of course, almond butter!  Plus, the shipping rates are completely reasonable – I’m a VIP myself now!!


Precision Nutrition

Similar to Mind Body Green, PN also publishes articles on how to live a healthy lifestyle with the right nutritious diet and exercises.  This site focuses more on healthy foods and the latest types of workouts whereas MBG looks at how to nourish your soul through yoga, meditation, and other therapeutic exercises.  They also offer a program for prospective nutritionists and fitness trainers who want to take a course in this field.


Integrative Nutrition

Receiving my personal health coach certificate from this company, this website offers the most well wellrounded types of articles with information on how to improve almost every aspect of one’s life.  I would say the focus is a bit less on the exercise aspect and more on your relationships and food nutrition.  There is a strong emphasis on how to strengthen your connections with the people in your life as without these “primary foods”, secondary foods like the actually goods you consume, will not matter.  Again, this company also offers a course if you want to become a health coach.

efgraciously green logo_revised tag line_print-1_330x160Graciously Green and Eat Fresh

Both of these companies were started by my friend, Mia Moore, who just like me, finds the organic and healthy options in Hong Kong simply too limited and severely overpriced.  Thus, she started her own business, offering specialty cooking and detox workshops right in your own home!  She too has her health coach certificate from Integrative Nutrition and has been coaching clients in Hong Kong on how live a healthier lifestyle.  She then ventured to opening up an online business selling and delivering organic fresh produce, sourcing locally from farms in Hong Kong and offering it to public at a much more affordable prices than what CitySuper and ThreeSixty charges.  So if you want affordable GMO-free goods, visit Eat Fresh!


Chalkboard Mag

Intrigued by their savvy interface, I just love how their site is organized and the ease of navigation of all their posts.  They do everything that Mind Body Green does but they also discuss about beauty products, style and living, and culture.  They also advocate many other blogs to visit and from there, I have been connected to really interesting bloggers.


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