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December 28th: Day One Post Eye Bag Surgery

2013-12-28 13.21

So it’s day one after my surgery… yes I know. I look terrible.  I’m bruised and swollen .. maybe its the right time to play a pseudo MMA fighter and wear sunglasses indoors and pretend like I’m some famous fighter…

My doctor and nurse has been great – I’ve been bombarding them with questions because I’m a bit paranoid with some of the blood that has been coming out of my eye.  My eyes also tear a lot and stings when I try opening them for too long. Therefore, excuse me if I have any grammatical/spelling errors because I’m trying to type as fast I can to finish this post.

My mom and boyfriend have been great too.  She literally wiped the whole house clean with disinfectant solution to prevent any eye infections… a bit overboard.. she makes me wipe my hands with sanitizers before doing ANYTHING … I know she cares though… I also feel bad for the man who has to see me in this state… it definitely isn’t sexy – let’s be honest.

Anyways, doctor said that the bruising and swelling are the WORST in the first few days so fingers crossed it will only get better!

Hopefully I can get back to working out asap – PS I’m embarking on a new journey and experimenting with a tamed version of Carb Cycling/ULC Diet introduced to me by a really good friend/nutritionist/personal trainer..

Will write about that later.. I’m about to shop for groceries in preparation!!

October 22nd, 2013


EatFresh Delivery Arrives!

Wow its been awhile.  Its back to reality again and life isn’t just about you anymore.  Now you gotta take care of two – no complaints!  I love cooking and looking after for two too.. but it does take time away from documenting my nutty adventures.. (trust me, Ive been even more nuttier now that the king of NUT is back)

2013-10-22 18.26.54

Anyways, I just got my first organic vegetables delivery from EatFresh!!! After hearing about their new ability to cultivate HK’s own CURLY kale, I just  had to order.   Amazing what you can do these days!  Thanks to Chef Mia and her wonderful farmers from EatFresh, Hong Kong citizens can now enjoy the superness of locally grown Curly Kale.  I also bought other seasonal vegetables and let me tell you, I am well above impressed!  Everything was super fresh and you can just smell the organic goodness hehe..

2013-10-22 18.27.14

Congratulations for your success thus far and can’t wait to see you figure out how to locally grow more global vegetables!

October 16th, 2013

I am a negative ionic believer~

Having tried this band in Las Vegas and skeptical about whether these ion bracelets work, I decided to buy it after seeing the deal on Groupon for $7.50.

Honestly, it really does work.  It has given me much more energy at the gym and the pain in my knees have definitely subsided.  It is also supposed to help you sleep better so I’m considering maybe wearing it in bed.  Hmm.. there are also many other benefits to wearing these bracelets and you can find them here.


October 13th, 2013

When life hands you a lemon.. just make lemonade.

Cheers x


October 12th, 2013

Thoughts for the past few days – Sleepy, Tired, and Lost

Sorry guys, have been on a hiatus adjusting to a new life once again… exhausted!


Do you ever suffer from couples binge eating disorder? LOL…  is weight gain an unavoidable effect once your in a long term relationship?

Studies show that:

Long-term relationships revealed as number one reason for weight gain

  • 62% of those polled gained at least one stone after starting a relationship
  • Two thirds of couples say they have put on weight together
  • Women match their partner’s food portion size which leads to weight gain
  • Long-term love also leads to standards of behaviour being more relaxed

Last night… it was a cereal binge eating episode… this morning.. BURP.

October 9th, 2013

Hypocrite at its Best!


I love how in my last post:  How to Stay Slim and Healthy Without Exercising, my last tip which tells you to stop screen eating, I’m munching on grapes and fruit while typing that post and doing my homework just now..

Now.. I’m feeling so full.. and this is WHY I need to practice what I preach.  Sigh.. I hate injuries with a passion.

October 8th, 2013

BIG BANG Causes Heart Attack at the GYM …. sigh.. children.


Today as I was running on the treadmill, I suddenly heard a huge BANNNGGG! And my treadmill stopped.  Literally, the entire gym turned and looked at me and I immediately thought WTF happened… I didn’t fall did I?

Then I looked down at my treadmill and saw a huge deflated soccer ball stuck in between the rolling carpet and the front flap of the machine.


This is why mothers should keep an eye on their children.

I love kids but tonight.. was definitely a …..  well. annoyance to the max.

October 7th, 2013

Food Poisoned and Bed Ridden. 

So right now, I am on:


Having suffered from food poisoning the last 2 days, which is why I went MIA yesterday, I am now on the BRAT diet.  BRAT = BLAND.  At least, I get to eat toast which is something I have been craving since being “gluten free”.  I’ve also added potatoes to this diet (Sweet and Russet).  Hmmm.. bland but filling I guess.  These foods are easier to digest, will not cause any stomach upsets or worsen your nausea, and provide enough nutrients and energy for your body.

Out of commission… sigh.


October 5th, 2013

Embarrassing Moment of the Day… 


Stretching in the lobby and doing squats while waiting for a taxi… lost balance and fell on my a**.  It’s the month of true nutty-ness .. what’s going on?

October 4th, 2013

1000 Ways to Die: Getting Caught between the MTR Doors


Nahh.. you can’t die this way but the last 2 days, I saw 3 men get majorly trapped between the doors as it shuts because they just HAD to get on the train.

Mind you, the train comes like every 2 min .. sometimes even in just 1 I don’t understand why you just can’t wait.  Instead, you looked like a fool jumping in at the very last minute and then getting caught and having everyone stare at you in the train.

Yesterday, one guy even jumped in as the door closed and then the doors reopened, and then another imbecile decides to do the same thing and the MTR doors opened once again.  Now you really have delayed the WHOLE train from moving…

AND THEN the conductor comes on with the announcement telling people to not do stupid sh*t like that… well he didn’t say it like that.. but basically it was along those lines..

WHATS THE RUSH? Seriously…one extra minute or two won’t kill you but being slammed between the doors might.. well maybe not..but your ego is certainly crushed!

October 3rd, 2013

Crap, I thought I was 23 again.


This morning I was asked by a colleague how old I was.  I happily answered I’m 23 years old… and as soon as I finished my sentence, I’m like wait that doesn’t seem right.  Then I thought about it again… holy sh*t, I’m 25.  I quickly corrected myself and said nahh.. I wish I was 23 .. just to play it off so I don’t seem like an idiot.

After separating ways, I reflected back on the last 2 years of my life and as funny as it sounds, I don’t ever remember saying, “I’m 24 years old” – Where did this entire year go?

I honestly felt like NO ONE asked me during that year of my life how old I was because just saying “I’m 24” sounds so strange – like it never came out of my mouth.

Oh man.. and now I’m 25 … quarter-life… crap – can I be 23 again? It sounds so much younger – I can still get away with doing stupid things because guess what, I’m still young and I’m allowed to be dumb sometimes haha.

Let’s make the most out this year but forever in my mind, I will be 23!

October 2nd, 2013


So on my quest to find a “gluten-free” cereal that is low on sugar and sodium, I found this Millet Rice Oat Bran Flakes.  Corn flakes … you will be missed but according to my blood type, I can’t have corn!

BUT O.M.G – this cereal is the best flavor I have ever tasted in my life. SO KUDOS Nature’s Path 10/10!


it may not be completely gluten-free because of the barley malt extract.  However, according to:

“The quantity of barley malt extract used in products can vary. Products containing barley malt extract in low levels that meet the Codex standard can be tolerated by most people with coeliac disease”

So, it should be okay… not that I have celiac or anything.. but if Im going to try to go GF, I’ll try my damn hardest!

Oh also.. oat bran is considered GF BUT because it is usually produced in a facility that also manufactures products with wheat, there may be possibilities of cross-contamination.  However, oat bran typically should be GF… so, unless you really have a serious case of celiac, MILLET YOUR WAY to Nature’s Path – you won’t regret it!

October 1st, 2013

Kowloon vs. Hong Kong

Wow, can’t believe it’s October already! Boy does time fly! 9 more days till the boy is back from New York… WEEE!

three sixty

Anyways… back to my nutty thought of the day… I was running low on my almond butter but thought, “I still have enough for tonight” so I decided to just go to ThreeSixty at Elements Mall (a “high-end” luxury brand mall in Kowloon).


On the ride there, I thought maybe I could just go to IFC since Hong Kong station is just one stop away to get some Barney Almond Butter at City Super.

Having dressed only to stay on the Kowloon side…. Wait. What? What did I just say? Yes to “stay on the Kowloon side” – what is up with this stigma of Kowloon vs. HK?

In my head, I was like… nah I can’t wear these bum clothes to IFC – that just wouldn’t be right!!  But wait a minute, Elements Mall is just as high-end as IFC but because it’s on the “Kowloon” side, my ugly outfit would be more acceptable?

So now what? Should I just make my way to Tsim Sha Tsui’s City Super because I’m still be staying on the “dark” side?

Nah F*** that.

Time and time again, these stereotypes of people living in Kowloon vs. people living in Hong Kong come up and it’s really unfortunate.

I hate to say it but I do see why these typecasts exist.

Oh well…

September 30th, 2013

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

This is my body without sleep…  Oh Crap.


September 29th, 2013

Do you Believe in Karma?


I do… I did something awful yesterday and today – epic fall on the treadmill.

Karma is a biotch but I deserved it. BOO.

September 28th, 2013


For as long as I could remember, I thought my Blood Type was AB.  Thinking I was cool because I was some hybrid, I then found out a few years ago that I was mistaken and actually, I was blood type B.  After blogging about the Blood Type Diet, I decided to look in  great detail again what I can or cannot eat.  TO MY DISMAY, in the cereal section, cornflakes is a big NONO – any form of corn and its derivatives is a DO NOT TOUCH food group.

corn flakesLiterally, this was my face.

jaw drop

Not as cute…but you get the point – JAW DROP!

This is probably one of my favourite foods of all time (besides almond butter). These two staples are always going to be in my pantry and there’s always backup so I never run out.  Anyways, after finding out that I should only eat millet, brown rice, and oat bran based cereal, I went on quest to find an alternative.

So instead of paying attention in class today, I went online shopping.  IHerb didn’t really have any alternatives that suited my needs.  Sugar and Sodium should be minimized and everything I found was just super sweetened and salted.  Also, the ones I did find, such as Freedom Foods Brown Rice Flakes were from Australia and for some reason, products from this continent never gets shipped to Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world for that matter.  What’s up with that!?


Eventually after researching long and hard, I found a gluten free store in Hong Kong that sells Nature’s Path Millet Rice Oat Bran Flakes!  Perfect!!! Millet = CHECK … Oat Bran = CHECK – I’m safe!

Natures Path Millet Rice Flakes

Great.. time to switch after I finish my inventory of cornflakes.. Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling so crappy and sluggish… is it my cereal?

Then I messaged my Dad just to confirm if I was AB or B before I order my millet flakes.  He responds, I think you are an AB because I’m an AB and your mom’s an O.

WHAT THE BEEEP****!!!! So what am I? B or AB?  Thinking I wasted all this time trying to find a new cereal (seriously I spent an hour…), I looked at the AB diet and these people should also avoid cornflakes too.

So… millet flakes, HERE I COME!

September 27th, 2013

And This is Why Oven Mitts Exist!


After leaving my apartment vacant during the summer, a lot of things started to mould – I KNOW – super gross… including my oven mitts.  Being lazy and having not replaced it yet, I’ve been using a towel instead.  Bad IDEA – because look what happens.

So moral of the story – use fricken oven mitts – there is a reason why these things exist.

Nutty Thought of the Day? More like.. Nutty Act of the Day… sigh.

September 26th, 2013

Am I Going to Turn Orange?


Carotenemia they call it.  This is a condition that happens if you an excessive amounts of carrots or any orange plants.  Today, I think I ODD-ed on orange foods.


Lunch: Baked Half a Kabucha Pumpkin 


Dinner: Carrot Juice and Pumpkin and Eggplant Salad

Studies have showed that parents who overfed their babies carrots and other carotene packed food started turning slightly orange.  Although harmless, you don’t want your baby to look like it just popped out of Snooki from Jersey Shore now do you?  Although both carrots and pumpkin are highly nutritious, packed with Vitamin A, one shouldn’t consume too much of it.  I just thought I needed more potassium in my diet for better sleep but this is just OTT!


I definitely should ease off.. my palms are starting to look a bit orangey-yellow.  EEK!

September 25th, 2013

Why can’t “Claimed” Healthy Restaurants get their Food Right?

In my journey to taste every healthy/organic restaurant in Hong Kong, I stumbled across a restaurant called “Eat Right” in Soho.



My order: Poached Salmon with Beet Root Add side: Steamed Veggies


Eat Right?  Yeah I probably ate “right” but it definitely didn’t taste right.

I find that the biggest flaw with many healthy and organic restaurants that try to preach how wholesome and nutritious their food is tends to overlook the taste.  Albeit, Eat Right had sizeable portions at very reasonable prices, (plating was not bad as well), the service was just completely lousy and the taste was mediocre.  I’m not a good cook but honestly, I can do better.

So why do many restaurants compensate taste for health?  Plus, who knows if it is really that healthy when you are not the one preparing it.  It’s time for a healthy restaurant revolution and re-direct some focus to improving the taste of your food.

Anyways, I still enjoyed a lovely dinner with my cousin and I’m still on a hunt for some good healthy food in Hong Kong.

Recommendations… PLEASE!

September 24th, 2013

How do you like your eggs?

As useless as this thought may be, I just “cooked” the BEST boiled egg ever.  The IDEAL runny-ness of my yolk would be:


DROOOOOLL~~~~ how sad that a perfectly boiled egg can enlighten my day.. lol.

September 23rd, 2013

HOLY KALE! Why are you so expensive?

Along with many other things we take for granted in the West, one thing that has been bothering me ever since coming to Hong Kong is just how overpriced some things are in the supermarkets.  Specifically speaking about all the imported foods and produce that in the West, they are just basic daily essentials in one’s basket.  During my recent visit back to Toronto, I realized that something so simple like kale over there is put on some shrine here in HK.  Yes, its certainly a superfood but common.. as much as I love Mana here, I can’t justify paying $100 HKD = $13.00 CDN for a bundle of kale whereas in Toronto, I was paying $3.00 CDN for the same quantity!!!


This is how screwed up it is.  And forget about wheatgrass.. Its sold out the same day it arrives so .. Juicing is out of the question.. From dry goods to fresh produce, its just impossible to get goods from home for a reasonable price.  We need to do something about this… Seriously.


Not even just from the West, take a  look at what I found at ThreeSixty today which is the closest supermarket equivalent to Whole Foods.  I mean $530 HKD = $68 CDN for grapes? These better be the best tasting *beeping* grapes ever.

However what I did find was… Tada, my most missed fresh almond milk!!


Yes .. I paid $47.00 HKD  = $6.00 CDN for something that should be $3.75 in the West but… How I missed your silky taste hmmmm deelish.

Well again, what I’ve done was buy most of the things online… You can see it on my Links Page …

My Links Page!

Its cheaper and shipping is reasonable.
As for organic produce, I would order as much as I can from places like Eat Fresh and Homegrown Foods.. its the best of what HK has in terms of organic options and like what Whole Foods  always advocate, we should eat local anyways… Well not too local if you know what I mean 😉

China Fake Beef Scare – YIKES!

Oh Whole Foods – How I Miss Your Salad Bar and Reasonably Priced Foods (Ha-Ha – even though your nickname is Whole Paycheque but I still love you!)


Well that’s my first world problem spurt of the day … Have a wonderful week..

Spreading the Love,


September 20th, 2013

My Workout Clothes Gave me Scars: Why Quality is better than Quantity

pic 7

No need to say too much. This picture tells it all.   No I’m not trying to show the world half my body but I just want to show the terrible effects of not taking care of your body.  When you don’t buy proper workout clothes and wear whatever you have, chances are those pieces probably aren’t suited for strenuous movement.  Example: wearing a normal bra = NOT SMART. The wire rubbed against me until I bled.

Looking in the mirror today, I was disgusted with all the scars I got from not wearing proper workout clothes… Its important to take care of yourself and invest in fewer pieces of quality clothing rather than accumulating a whole load of junk.

Pro-nike by the way… Still can’t justify paying Lululemon prices..

Although I must add Walmart does have some reasonable workout gear.. Anyways maybe shea butter is good for scars…

Day 2 VLOG coming soon..

September 19th, 2013

Why do we Walk so Fast?!

 This morning on my daily trek to my favourite supermarket, I asked myself, “Why in the world am I walking so fast?”

“Am I pressed for time?”   No…

“Am I meeting someone?”   No…

“Am I late for something?”  No…

So why in the world am I pushing my way around people and walking at super speed?  Last night after class was over, I was walking with my friend to the MTR and after reaching the entrance, we looked back to see where the others were.  It was no surprise we were way ahead and I asked,


“Why are they walking so slow?”

Her response: No, you are just walking really fast.

Is this just the normal speed of people in Hong Kong walk? Have I adopted this type of lifestyle, which inhibits me to relax and enjoy what life has to bring? No matter where you are, people here are walking like they are always rushing to go somewhere.  I bet if they asked themselves those 3 questions I asked myself this morning, many of them would say No.

I’m really going to make a conscience effort now to not look like these overly anxious people in this hustling city and for once, stop and smell the flowers.



September 18th, 2013

Do you have OCD?

I think almost everyone has some things they like done in a certain way but it is only an issue when it becomes obsessive and disrupts your daily routine.

I realized while I was cooking my breakfast this morning; I developed somewhat of an OCD tendency with how I like my eggs done.




This morning, I threw away 4 eggs because none of the yolks came out the way I liked it.  Some were too raw, some were too cooked… and I think what I developed was this belief that if I am going to put food in my body, it better be the best that it can be…

So… after the failure of my 5th and 6th egg, I just thought, okay I definitely wasted too much and this isn’t right… so I tanked it and ate overcooked eggs.

This is TOTALLY wrong.  I mean there are millions of people who would die for some eggs and here I am … chucking them away because it’s not cooked to my liking.

UGH. Disgusted with myself.

If you have harmless OCD tendencies, then so be it.  But once it becomes too compulsive and it is over something completely stupid, then maybe we should re-evaluate what the root cause is for our obsessive behaviour.  Maybe there is some deeper psychological issue we are suffering from causing us to be control freaks?  Hmmm… food for thought?

September 17th, 2013

Are you an Ugly Sleeper? 

I hate to admit it but I am. I want to blame it on the flu I’ve been battling the last few days… but have you ever had those moments in the middle of the night when you are half awake and you know your mouth has been wide open probably the whole night and you look like a retard?


Maybe you were drooling, your body is in some deformed position like you were some sort of contortionist in your past life, or God knows where your hands are (speaking to all the men out there 😉 cough cough haha)..

Anyways…I’ve been having terrible sleep lately, waking up multiple times throughout the night… Too much has been on my mind with graduation coming up and I’m still unemployed!

It’s definitely taken a toll on my appearance so let’s see where diet and nutrition can help .. Maybe some beauty skincare treatment (more details on tomorrow’s post…stay tuned!)

Well the first thing on this list posted by Eating Well is that we should eat fish… Great! I love fish but it’s not helping…

What else? Hmmm…fortified cereals … Even better!  Cereal is my second addiction in life after almond butter… So after reading those 9 suggested foods for better sleep, basically anything that has Vitamin B6 which stimulates the production of melatonin, a hormone in our body that regulates our sleep, therefore helping us to zzZzz.. 
Chickpeas, bananas, whole grains… Alright.. I can try?


I’ve taken melatonin supplements before. It gives me the worst hangover feeling the morning and you feel completely drained and exhausted.  So after those horrible mornings, I’m never doing that again… let’s just stick with real foods shall we?

Anyways, last night was definitely an ugly sleeper moment. Thank goodness my boyfriend is half way around the world… now let’s see what we can do about this cold before he comes back!!!

September 16th, 2013

Are You a Secret Eater?


After plowing through two straight seasons of a show I found on Youtube called Secret Eaters, it got me thinking if we truly are a nation of secret eaters? In every episode, they follow the lives of individuals who keep gaining weight and has no idea what the reason is for their continuous plumping figures.  Hidden cameras are then set up and private investigators scope out whether these people are truly eating what they claim to be consuming in their food diaries or are they mindlessly snacking and picking on food,  essentially packing on those excess calories that cause them to gain weight? Maybe now it’s important to be aware that we only eat when we feel hungry and not because we are bored or trying to use food to fill some kind of void in our lives.

I think we are all secret eaters in some ways. I certainly am… I realized I definitely eat more when I am alone than when I am with my boyfriend or with my friends and family.. I don’t know why that is.  I have this binging tendency when I am alone.. Maybe I have a void that needs to be filled by over stuffing myself with almond butter..

Or maybe I feel greater joy seeing other people eat and enjoy their food. This habit is especially in the case with my boyfriend.. I just have this maternal instinct to always want to nourish and feed him at the expense of my food share..yeah that’s love RIGHT there haha..

So I leave off asking you guys, are you secret eaters?


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